Thank you for taking an interest in our wonderful new shaving system.

If you don't yet know what our product is or does just take a moment to look at the photos above.  The middle sequence shows our brush filling with gel from a shaving can.  And that's all there is to it!  Once it's filled (which takes about a second) take it off the can and use it to apply to your face, or legs, cleanly and comfortably, like the guy on the right.  The chap on the left is in a bit of a mess, but that's how it can be sometimes, when you don't use JetShave!

So who benefits from this wonderful new product?

1.  Yourself

Well, it really is a touch of class in your bathroom - with lathe turned and polished handles, our shaving brushes are superior to the run of the mill brushes found in the local drugstore.

Plus, instead of applying shaving cream with your hands, and then to the razor, spout, and your favorite towels, applying with the brush means that your hands (and the rest of the bathroom) stay clean!  Ladies will love the fact that you can reapply the cream from the same brush for a second or third pass for tricky areas, such as ankles or knees.

2.  Your family

Plus, shaving in the mornings becomes a riot if you have young children - my (almost) three year old shrieks with excitement when we go through the 'loading ceremony' and his younger brother claps his hands (or the air, depending on his coordination).  Recently the elder has started to take the controls himself, furnishing me every morning with a perfectly loaded brush!  If you want a good family start to the day - buy Jetshave!

3.  Your lifestyle!

Plus, if you or your husband or wife travels a lot, then we suggest you buy a Jetshave and leave it at home!  The reason?  JetShaving is one of those pleasures in life that is just really nice to come home to. Whether you're an airline pilot or a busy business person - it's really nice to make a difference between the way you shave when you're travelling, and the way you do it at home - the JetShave way!

Buy JetShave Now!

With so many plusses - aren't there any minus points to this product?  Well only that we manufacture in the UK so if you're ordering from the US it could take two to three weeks to get to you.  But weigh that against a lifetime of wonderful shaving, and that's why you should

Order Now!

and we'll get one in the mail to you straight away. Cost? Oh, $18.00. Plus $3.50S&H. Which we're currently waiving.
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