Welcome to JetShave Ltd's M02 'Fast Track' Ordering Page

Worldpay guarantee

Wherever you are in the world - our $15 fast track ordering page should make ordering a cinch.  We also recommend that you buy our Gillette adapter nozzle GN1 because Gillette cans are available pretty much around the world.  All you have to do is change the number of items to order if you want to, (we've set them at one each to save you time!) and press the submit order button.  Credit card details come next...!


Should you wish to make a special order, please contact us by email at sales@jetshave.com
Go to European Union or Worldwide ordering page for a complete choice of our products

Quantity Product Price US$ Description
M02 $25.00 Single medium sizenon badger mixture brush, equipped with JetShaveTM nozzle. Available worldwide.
GN1 $2.00 1 JetShaveTM nozzle specially adapted to fit onto the outlet tubes of Gillette cans of foam or gel. Available worldwide.


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